Company Section

The Agreement and the Terms are governed by the laws

Usage Agreement

When you register with Riyad Host , your site and email information will be kept confidential and can not be accessed by any
authority, except in the case of your request.
Company Riyam Host does not let sell your personal information to any person or authority whatever , including your e- mail, but we use mail to send some of our offers from time to time and you have the right not to request your writing any time.
Bank deposits and remittances, which are valid for 30 days and have not been continued by the owner with the company to follow up his application, he is not entitled to claim them whatsoever, and he is not entitled to claim any service.
At Al Rayam Host we use HTTPS in the process of entering and leaving the account and the things related to your data and information to provide the greatest possible security and confidentiality.

Hosting and Domains

Riyam Host Company is committed to providing technical support and maintenance to the server and does not commit to maintenance or support of the materials or programs on the customer’s site.

RiyamHost is committed to making internal and external backup copies on other server-specific disks. However, the responsibility to maintain the data is the responsibility of the customer first and finally and the company does not bear any loss due to the loss of part or all of the data for the sites hosted by it.

In the event of termination of the subscription account for hosting the client Riyam Host provide a backup copy of your site can be ordered for free in a period not exceeding one month from the date of completion of hosting.

Riyam HOST is committed to protecting its domain names and is also committed to renewing the domain based on the customer’s request and paying the required fees. In case of not renewing the domain and paying the required fees, Riyam HOST is not responsible for any loss or loss of any domain.

Riyam HOSTBAT VER is committed to a control panel built into the customer’s account to control the full range of its management and management, and is not an external panel.

At Riyam Host, we can not give the customer a domain (Domains) for free with any hosting plan whatsoever, in addition to the lowest subscription we have one year for domains.

In Riyam, we can not change the main domain name of the client site. To do this you must pay a new domain reservation free.

Riyam Host is committed to maintaining and protecting the domain as long as in the company’s account and if the domain was transferred to the customer’s board, the company Riyam Host abandoned the responsibility for loss of domain or lost password and the customer is not entitled to claim the company.

The customer has the right to demand cancellation of the request and refund only if the application has not yet been executed. The customer shall bear all the financial fees incurred by the bank and the bank to calculate them, whether internal or international, if the application is executed, Request and refund

Riyam Company has the right to cancel the contract with the customer and stop the service at any time without clarifying the reasons and Riyam is committed to give the customer a backup copy of the site and does not require that the full copy of the files on the site, if not the reason for cancellation of one of the prohibited activities or violations. If the reason for the cancellation is one of the prohibited activities or irregularities, in addition to the right not to return any financial rights to the client and also cancel the entire site from the server (server) and not to provide backup copies.

Riyam Host Company has the right to intervene in the list of distributors’ customers and give backup copies to them if the distributor refuses to give the copy to the host and this to protect the hosts and preserve their rights.

In case the distributor did not pay the financial dues and the monthly fees, the risler will be closed after 5 days of delay.

Riyam HOST is committed to providing a backup copy of the customer’s site upon request and delivery of the full version.

There is no increase in bandwidth. However, if the site is depleted, it is advised to upgrade the plan to a larger plan or wait until the end of the month to clear the bandwidth.

In the desire of the client to send members of the forum please install the bulletin bulletin and set the settings on the transmission every 60 seconds to 25 mail only and do not allow direct correspondence by sending members to the forum .. Also do not allow clicking on the next page through the messaging page In the periodical bulletin, you are kindly requested to leave the page until the end of the number so as not to expose your site to stop and pay a fine.

When you receive a report from the Data Center on a forum as an unlicensed forum, the forum is closed so that the forum owner licenses the forum (in the case of a license please attach a copy of the license page with the company).

Riyam HOST reserves the right to stop all websites hosted at any time for the maintenance or renewal of the servers. This is always the best service for customers.

In Riyad Host when the customer moves his site to another hosting company we delete the site from our servers and does not have the right to return to hosting again, and if he wanted to do so he has to pay fees to reserve a new space.

It is forbidden in the company Riyam Host that the client request the service to open the following sites: sites harmful to Islam – pornographic sites – sites to sell drugs – Hacker sites or steal information – political sites intended to abuse and not criticism.

It is forbidden in Riyam Host to use hosting to send messages and SPAM. Or programs that consume server resources. Using them may lead to stopping your site and not opening the site again unless you pay a fine of US $ 100. The company has the right to stop the site and delete it from the server completely in case of non-payment and the customer is not entitled to claim any Financial rights or backup copies.

Do not drain the resources of the server significantly and the company has the right to stop the site and alert the client that the site drains the resources of the server greatly, in this case it is recommended to use a larger plan to host or move to an independent server and do not measure the resources of our server the size of hosting or bandwidth, That in some cases we tell the client because of the problem, whether Hack or script on its site to take the necessary action by him.

Any attempt to infiltrate the servers of Al-Riyam Host and penetrate the sites of customers through your site may lead to the deletion of your site permanently from the server (server) and if there are malicious files on the site (Shillat) deleted from the site and alert the client. If malicious files are detected again on the site, the site is permanently deleted from the server.

In Riam Housest, it is forbidden to commit a violation of one of its employees permanently, and he is entitled to take strict measures and penalties against those who do so.

25 – The site can be returned in case of non-repetition of the violation with a fine of 50 US dollars and if the customer violated again the site is permanently deleted from the server and the customer is not entitled to any backup copies.

Riyam HOST reserves the right to dispose of the site or service after the client exceeds the payment period or exceeds one of the conditions of service.

Riyam HOST reserves the right to stop any site or service without warning that the site or service was seized in an illegal situation or in violation of the company’s conditions. This will be done without informing the customer.

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